The Lot Radio in November

Here’s the November mix for The Lot Radio. A few things on mind:

-I was in the midst of writing about the Peak Oil label
-Getting stoked about a new Kelela album
-Lamenting the passing of Gal Costa
-Penning liner notes for a forthcoming Ryuichi Sakamoto reissue
-Falling upwards into the majesty of Surya Botofasina’s debut album
-Musing about lounge-y compilations that double-down on the weirdness of “Old, Weird America”

I’d like to think that a little bit of all of that shows up here.

Semi-official tracklisting below:

Surya Botofasina – Surya Meditation (excerpt)
Lamin Fofana – Erosion, Whispers, a laminated shout
Kelela – Washed Away
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Thatness And Thereness
Topdown Dialectic – A3
Dawuna – Baby Boy
Lucrecia Dalt – Gena
Travesia – Ana
Mabe Fratti – Algo Grandioso
Khidja – Back To Vid (Azu Tiwaline remix)
Ela Minus, DJ Python – Abril Lluvias Mil
Gal Costa – Passarinho

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Exhibition
Paperclip Minimiser – A3
Myles Davis & Ray Herrmann – Shadow of a Doubt
Patricia Brennan – And There Was Light
RA Washington / Jah Nada – Planting Seeds
John Cale – Not the End of the World
Rico Toto – First Odyssey
CS+Kreme – Pink Mist
Victoria – Bop Solo
Ryuichi Sakamoto – TOD
Lee Tracy & Issac Manning – Love is Ever Increasing
Harley Toberman – Thoughts In Time
Kelman Duran – new one


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