“I sometimes feel like I am some kind of mystery to people abroad: the odd one, the visitor in the room. As it relates to Jamaica, that feeling has always been strangely similar.”

There were few glints of light or reasons to feel upful about 2020, one small exception being the monthly drip of oddball new Equiknoxx productions dropping on Bandcamp. I got to chat with main man Gavsborg island-to-island about this past year and provide a little listening guide for the quickly expanding Equiknoxx galaxy.

A Guide to the Jamaican Label Equiknoxx, Who Are Reinventing the Sound of Dancehall for Bandcamp

A Brief Guide to Ann Peebles

Ann Peebles 3

“Ann Peebles succinctly covered a wide emotional spectrum—able to capture love’s ache in one song, then heel turn and nonchalantly break up a home the next. She conveys the breadth of humanity, our ability to impart bliss and anguish, cruelty and sweetness, on those we love the most.”

A Brief Guide to Ann Peebles for Bandcamp