A Guide to Al Green Deep Cuts

Al Green_Env23 B1_ F8

“Al Green made seriously sensuous music, but the fascinating, evergreen quality of it all is in how he embraces and wrestles with both the carnal and spiritual manifestations of love. The friction between the sacred and profane can be heard in nearly every note, alluring and manic in equal measure. Al Green is as suave and silken as he is shattered.”

A Guide to the Essential Al Green Deep Cuts for Bandcamp

A Brief Guide to Ann Peebles

Ann Peebles 3

“Ann Peebles succinctly covered a wide emotional spectrum—able to capture love’s ache in one song, then heel turn and nonchalantly break up a home the next. She conveys the breadth of humanity, our ability to impart bliss and anguish, cruelty and sweetness, on those we love the most.”

A Brief Guide to Ann Peebles for Bandcamp