Where to Start with West End Records

West End

“It’s impossible to overstate the importance of West End Records, not just in disco but in hip-hop and house as well, thanks to a roster that drew from soul, R&B, gospel, and funk. West End fueled the sound of both the Paradise Garage and Studio 54, and launched the careers of many pioneering remixers. Some of the headiest early work from Tom Moulton, largely credited with inventing the remix, was for the label. Other luminaries and legends abound under the West End name: Larry Levan, Tee Scott, Walter Gibbons, François Kevorkian, and Arthur Russell, with one of his earliest dance-music productions.”

Last month I paid a little tribute to Mel Cheren and West End Records. Those hot pink sleeves really jump off the record shelves still. Also be sure to check out the immersive West End issue from the heads over at Love Injection.

Where to Start with West End Records, for Pitchfork.